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Applicants have to fill in the details completely.
Please read carefully the “Disclosure Terms and Conditions” section

Personal Information

Disclosure Terms and Conditions

  1. The applicant has made full disclosure of all information required in this application on his/her own volition and all the information given by him is true in all respects.
  2. The applicant further acknowledges that in case of misrepresentation, intentional or unintentional, in the information submitted in connection with the application, Citroën reserve the right to no longer consider the application or reverse any decision taken on the basis of information provided in this application, at any point in time.
  3. This Application Form entitles the applicant only to apply for a Citroën Dealership.
  4. The Application Form does not imply any commitment on the part of Citroën to enter into any Dealer Agreement with the applicant.
  5. The applicant certifies that he is not suffering from, or aware of any legal disability that would prevent him from being appointed as an authorized dealer of Citroën.
  6. The applicant acknowledges that any obligations undertaken or expense incurred by him in submitting this application shall be incurred entirely on the applicant’s own behalf.
  7. The applicant authorizes Citroën to make any inquiries it may consider necessary to verify this information and to share the information with an agency appointed by Citroën or the purpose of verifying the given information.
  8. The applicant hereby gives his/her consent to Citroën for processing the personal information shared in this application for the purposes for which the same was provided.